Special Programs and Promos

Promo Code "2019"

Use our everyday special promo code by entering “2019” in the promo code field in your shopping cart. Click the recalculate button for your discount to apply.

No-Test Renewal Program

Clients who have scored 90% or above on previous exams are eligible to participate in this unique program. Renew your credentials without having to test! To participate, place the credentials you would like to renew in the cart. From the add-on list in the cart, add “No Test Renewal” to your exams. Once we have received your purchase and verify your eligibility, we will email you a simple pdf training bulletin to electronically review, sign and submit in order to receive your updated credentials.

Competitor Vendor Program - Turn In Your Cards!

Did you accidentally certify with another vendor previously? You may be eligible for special competitive pricing and our no-test renewal program if your prior vendor is on our approved list. Contact us at info@cprtrainingfast.com or 717-342-5749 to determine your eligibility and receive your discount. Proof of previous certification required.

Corporate Discount Programs

Is your employer already part of our corporate discount program? Contact us at info@cprtrainingfast.com or 717-342-5749 to check for an existing program or set one up. In addition to discounts, we provide a high level of administrative support to our corporate partners.

Group Discounts

Purchasing for multiple participants? We’re happy to provide a volume-based discount. Contact us at info@cprtrainingfast.com or 717-342-5749.